WUS Wilhelm Ungeheuer Söhne GmbH

We are a traditional manufacturer, certified according to ISO-9001, with the latest production technology and innovative products.

Our three core areas

Roof range Mounting systems Stamps

form the solid basis for our global success. Innovation, creativity and quality characterize WUS products. Our safety roof hooks, metal roof panels, gutter supports, downpipe clamps, special solutions and snow guard systems as well as pipe clamps, sprinkler clamps, mounting brackets, mounting profiles and the right accessories are known worldwide.

In the field of stamped/bent parts, we develop and manufacture new and needs-based products together with our customers. Our in-house departments, development,  Design, toolmaking and production work hand in hand. Like our roofing and sanitary products, our stamped/bent parts leave our company with the appropriate surface finish.

WUS is your competent partner.

Our guiding principles: saving time, reducing costs, gaining security

  • Fast delivery service and professional support from an efficient sales network.
  • Cost reduction for the installing company through solid, inexpensive products.
  • Security gain for the craftsman thanks to the high level of quality in terms of fitting accuracy, craftsman-friendly assembly and good load-bearing capacity.
  • Proper advice from inside and outside sales.
  • Solution also for special assembly situations, if necessary also with tailor-made special products. Special fasteners no longer have to be handcrafted by the installer on site.

Our story

  • 2014 - Expansion of the machine park and the production technology, including a new robotic welding cell
  • 2012 - New construction and commissioning of the new hot-dip galvanizing plant at the Schmitten site
  • 2008 - VdS certification and Practica MD approval for sprinkler installations
  • 2003 - Founding member of the RAL Quality Assurance Association for Pipe Fixings
  • 2003 - Introduction and first certification ISO-9001. Regular re-certification
  • 2001 - Acquisition and integration of Beuth GmbH into the WUS Group
  • 1999 - Start of production of customer-specific stamped and bent parts
  • 1998 - Extension of our product range with special fasteners made of stainless steel, such as bridge fasteners and special pipe clamps
  • 1995 - Start of production of stainless steel roofing products
  • 1986 - Galvanized roofing program is also plastic coated
  • 1982 - New construction of the hot-dip galvanizing plant - one of the most modern and largest in Hesse
  • 1976 - Start of production of the roofing range in copper
  • 1973 - Start of sanitary pipe clamp production
  • 1960 - Start of production of galvanized snow guards
  • 1927 - Construction of the first hot-dip galvanizing plant in Schmitten
  • 1925 - Start of production of galvanized gutter supports and downpipe clamps
  • 1905 - Foundation of Wilhelm Ungeheuer Söhne GmbH by Mr. Wilhelm Ungeheuer and start of production with fur nails, window sill irons, gas and lead pipe hooks