We’ll provide the service you require:

  • technical advice + development
  • technical drawing + 3D-CAD construction
  • tool making + prototype assembly
  • production + surface finishing/refinement

Customer requirements vary a great deal according to sector and application, so that we have geared our production capabilities in stamped/punched parts and sheet metal/shaped products accordingly. We work material from 0.3 mm to 14 mm thick and up to 350mm wide.

The raw materials involved here are steel, high-grade steel, copper, aluminium, non-ferrous metals (suitable for stamping) in the required compositions and quality.

Besides stamping, bending/shaping and punching we have many more processing possibilities such as thread-cutting, riveting, spot welding, shielded arc welding and assembly/installation.

Naturally, we also provide final surface finishing/refinement ‑ such as hot-dip galvanising in our highly modern hot-dip galvanising plant ‑ and all other standard surface finishing including the necessary pre-treatment.

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