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The variety of channel supports, depending on the type of material and dimensions of the channel to be installed, the dimensioning of the drainage system, the structural requirements and the regional area of ​​application is enormous.
The range of channel supports from the WUS brand is just as wide.

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To calculate the dimensions of the roof drainage system, you can use our

Tool dimension calculation roof drainage



Gutter support with reinforcement bead


half-round or box-shaped|in the dimensions 10 pcs. 25x4 to 4 pcs. 40x5|"Short" version, optionally with spring and edging or with 2 springs|Version with 2 springs, some also with stainless steel springs and as a "long" version. Cut available

The gutter supports are available in

  • Hot-dip galvanized (galvanized, powder-coated with duplex process)
  • Solid copper
  • Stainless steel V2A (1.4301)

Covered channel supports, short and long (Munich style)


|Fully galvanized and coated|semicircular or box-shaped|in the dimensions 10 pcs. 25x5 to 4 pcs. 25x8|

Available with casing made of

  • Titanium Zinc
  • Copper
  • Uginox
  • Stainless steel (V2A / 1.4301)