Downspout Brackets M8/M10 fire galvanized
Downspout Brackets with nail and rosette
Downspout Bracket with nut M 10
Downspout Bracket
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Rainwater pipe brackets

The WUS clamp as a brand name!

Those who know our pipe clamps and brackets also appreciate them.
WUS clamps/brackets are not “also rans” ‑ it’s the attention to detail and special accessories that for many years have enabled us to make a name for ourselves with WUS clamps.

Our pipe clamps/brackets therefore feature pre-fitted collars/escutcheons on square nails, a stable impact plate, a good fit, reinforced lower screw threads (important with copper downspout brackets and fastenings!), the use of exclusively top-quality eyebolts (stainless steel and copper!) and innovative mounting/fitting solutions for every type of surface ‑ regardless of whether its is brick-/stonework, metal, wood or exterior insulation finishing systems ‑ all of which are key advantages.
WUS ‑ YOUR advantage in when it comes to building!


WUS downpipe support element

According to the specifications of the revised plumbing rule 4.6.3 "Connection and fastening of rainwater downpipes", static proof is required for the fastening of downpipes for building heights of 8 meters and more. According to these specifications, WUS is the first manufacturer to introduce a suitable fastening solution on the market. The new downpipe support element from WUS is available for pipe dimensions of 100 mm and 120 mm. The supplied mounting accessories allow for attachment directly to the masonry, without external insulation, as well as to plastered polystyrene insulation, wood fiber insulation boards or to ETICS with mineral wool (up to 200 mm).


Downpipe clamp with square pin and rosette


double riveted|strong thread with 3 threads|secured ring screw|pre-assembled cover rosette on the square pin for better covering of the pothole|hammer pins in lengths of 140, 200, 250 and 300mm|design: round or box-shaped

The downpipe clamps are available in

  • hot-dip galvanized (galvanized powder-coated with duplex process)
  • titanium zinc, copper

Downpipe clamp with impact screw pin 140 mm


double riveted|strong thread with 3 turns|secured ring screw|impact screw pins with collar dowel (12x65)

The downpipe clamps are available in

  • the lengths 140 and 200mm
  • hot-dip galvanized (galvanized all around)
  • copper
  • stainless steel (V2A, 1.4301)

Stand pipe clamp with combination nut M8/M10


easy assembly thanks to the wide opening angle|can be used for many standard standpipes|secured eyebolt|combination connection nut M8/M10

The standpipe clamps are available in

  • galvanized
  • copper