The WUS clamp as a brand name!

Those who know our pipe clamps and brackets also appreciate them.
WUS clamps/brackets are not “also rans” ‑ it’s the attention to detail and special accessories that for many years have enabled us to make a name for ourselves with WUS clamps.

Our pipe clamps/brackets therefore feature pre-fitted collars/escutcheons on square nails, a stable impact plate, a good fit, reinforced lower screw threads (important with copper downspout brackets and fastenings!), the use of exclusively top-quality eyebolts (stainless steel and copper!) and innovative mounting/fitting solutions for every type of surface ‑ regardless of whether its is brick-/stonework, metal, wood or exterior insulation finishing systems ‑ all of which are key advantages.
WUS ‑ YOUR advantage in when it comes to building!