WUS rosette with sealing function
Ridge lath support
WUS facade adapter M10 with WKS coating

Special solutions

Listening, observing and the necessary experience in dealing with high-quality materials and machines; these are the prerequisites for innovative products:

By professionals - for professionals

The “right material” creates the necessary added value and provides benefits where it is urgently needed: in the daily work!
For example, our M10 New insulating anchorage allows tradespeople to install pipe clamps directly in plastered ETICS made from Styropor®, Styrodur®. or even to put wood fiber insulation boards.

Time-consuming assembly in the masonry - when bridging the different insulation thicknesses - problems with cold bridges or sound transmission are eliminated.

Our fastening solutions for ETICS with mineral wool, elegant solutions for direct mounting on metal or wooden facades, cover rosettes (some with a sealing function) for a sophisticated look, special channel supports (for front mounting, e.g. on balconies, carports or for renovations), snow guard systems for PV modules - all of these are further ideas - for you!


M10 cover rosette with sealing function

NEW: with screw attachment

Put it on, turn it on, tighten it... Done! Tight!


  • suitable for M10
  • with sealing washer
  • With screw attachment for subsequent tightening
  • clean wall connection
  • UV resistant

WUS hanger bolt HOT GALVANIZED M10 & Torx

Hot-dip galvanized for long-term protection; connection thread M10; Torx drive.


|Hot-dip galvanized for long-term protection|Connection thread M10 |Torx drive|

The hanger bolts are available in lengths

  • 100mm, 140mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm

WUS facade adapter M10 with WKS coating

WUS facade adapter M10 with WKS coating for pipe clamp assemblies with a sophisticated look; Can be used universally on walls, dormer windows, carports and conservatories


|Highest level of corrosion protection according to ZVSHK specifications|For pipe clamp assemblies with a sophisticated look|Universally usable on walls, dormer windows, carports and conservatories|can be used on stone, wood, plastic and sheet metal profiles|can be used on stone, wood, plastic and sheet metal profiles|mounting with Spax screws, self-tapping screws or blind rivets|

The facade adapters are available

  •     with WKS coating

Gutter support with flange for front board mounting

Available in semi-circular or box-shaped.


Gutter support, half-round or box-shaped, in the dimensions 10 pieces. 25x4 to 5 pcs. 30x5

The gutter supports are available in

  • hot-dip galvanized (galvanized all around)
  • Copper