Corrugated Hangers
Corrugated Hangers

Gutter brackets with reinforcement bead

Corrugated Hangers

Corrugated Hangers


The variety of gutter brackets/supports/fasteners, depending on the type of material and measurements of the gutters to be fitted, the specifications of the drainage system is huge.


  • Gutter supports, semi - circular and box section, dimensions
    200 mm / 25x4 up to 500 mm / 40x5
    3.6" / 0.98"x0.16" up to 10" / 1.57"x0.2"
  • Short version available with 2 metal strips or one metal strip and one nozzle
  • Version with 2 metal strips can be equipped with stainless steel metal strips or in longer version

Available surfaces

  • Hot dip galvanized
  • Galvanized and powder-coated
  • Solid copper
  • Stainless Steel V2A (1.4301)

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